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Winter Wonderland (Ground- Dark Side Coffee)

Winter Wonderland (Ground- Dark Side Coffee)

1 lb bag
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Nuts, cinnamon, and vanilla cream.


At Dark Side Coffee Roasters we source all of our coffees from co-op and family owned estate farms. As a result of this, we roast the top 3%-5% of coffees grown in the world, while helping other families as we help our own. We are father/son owned so it weighs heavy on our hearts to support other families in their efforts to provide and prosper. We have been roasting for over a decade in ten to twenty five pound batches. Small batch roasting allows us to take each coffee where it needs to be in the roasting process. Not all coffee is the same, and it shouldn’t all be roasted the same way either, which is why we roast each coffee differently to capture its “sweet spot”. Both years of experience, and a passion for coffee, has allowed us to craft blends and single origins that we are truly proud of . We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed roasting them for you!