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Vanilla Peach Water Kefir (Quart)

Vanilla Peach Water Kefir (Quart)

1 quart
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Naturally flavored water kefir, made in small batches in Central PA. Fermented drink with probiotic benefits.

Certified Organic, raw, vegan, dairy-free.

From Mount NitaNee on "What is water kefir?"

I like to refer to water kefir as kombucha‘s gentler cousin. Both beverages are fermented with symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast: water kefir uses grains; kombucha a bio-film mother. Just like kombucha, water kefir is a naturally carbonated probiotic beverage, but has a milder flavor often appealing to those who aren’t fond of the acetic acid zing of kombucha. Water kefir contains more than 400 types of bacteria and yeast that promote gut health and immunity and is dairy and caffeine free.