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More Cowbell Cheese (Goat Rodeo)

More Cowbell Cheese (Goat Rodeo)

1/4 lb block
$26.00/lb. Avg. 4 oz.
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A semi- firm cave aged mountain style cheese made from Le-Ara Farm’s cow’s milk in a unique black cream wax rind. The complex herbal flavor pairs well with mild younger red wines like Beaujolais or drier white wines like Sancerre. It is sharp and earthy.

Recent Awards:

2nd Place: Semi-Soft, Semi-Hard, and Hard Cheese from Cow Milk

Goat Rodeo Farm & Dairy is a 130 acre family-owned farm located near Pittsburgh in Northern Allegheny County.

They have a herd of more than 100 Alpine and Nubian dairy goats and bring in cow’s milk from Le-Ara Farms to make a variety of fresh and aged cheeses using traditional techniques for artisan cheese production. From fresh chèvre to interesting aged cheeses, they are creating some of the region’s finest cheeses, from goat milk, cow milk, and a delicious blend of both.