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Heavenly Havarti Cheese

Heavenly Havarti Cheese

1/2 lb block
$12.00/lb. Avg. 8 oz.
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Havarti's distinction is its creaminess and sweetness that leaves a slightly sharp flavor. Here at the creamery, we find this to be the most pleasant of all the cheeses. Further adding to its special appeal, are the tiny crevices created in the cheese during the pressing stage. As its name suggests, this semisoft cheese is a friendly snacking cheese full of angelic flavor.

All of the cheese we stock comes from God's Country Creamery in Ulysses, PA. They are a small family farm just like us with a great herd of Jerseys, and we have visited multiple times. All of their cheese is made on their farm, and we can assure you that every flavor is delicious!