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Espresso Sea Salt

Espresso Sea Salt

1 1.6oz glass pinch jar
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It's here! Our Espresso Sea Salt is a wonderfully flavorful and multi-use salt made with real espresso beans, brewed espresso, and Pacific Sea Salt, definitely a crowd pleaser! Its depth and smoothness makes it essential for topping any baked goods or sweets. Also, if you're the avid griller, Espresso Sea Salt on red meats, chicken, and veggies on a hot grill will turn any meal from good to great! 

Uses: Great on top of ice cream, cookies, brownies, and cakes. Also essential for grilling; steaks, chicken breast, asparagus, and pork tenderloin.

*Because of the small batch process with natural ingredients, we do not use anti-caking agents so if this amazing salt sticks/cakes up on you when it's very humid, don't worry! Put it in the fridge to cool it down (won't stick as much) and/or swirl it around with a fork!

Gluten free!

All of our salts & spices come from John and his family at Steel City Salt Co. in Pittsburgh. They only offer the highest quality, sourced from the best places. Each salt, spice, rub, and blend is hand-mixed and hand-filled in order to maintain freshness, integrity, and quality. Use them in everything- you won't be disappointed!