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Creole Blackening Blend

Creole Blackening Blend

1 2.8oz glass shaker jar
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Classic Southern Creole Blackening Blend that has a lot of depth, flavor, and heat! In our travels throughout the South we learned about and fell in love with blackening and using different spices to perfect that sought after flavor-crust that forms when searing on high heat.  We made this blend as an expression of our love for Creole and Cajun cooking! Whether you are blackening or just using as a rub base, we know your taste buds will enjoy!

To Blacken: Mix melted butter or oil and our Creole Blackening Blend in a small bowl. Coat fish, chicken, or desired piece of meat with the butter/Creole mixture. Heat pan, preferably cast iron skillet, to high heat. Let it get very hot! Add meat to the hot pan and sear a few minutes per side. Lots of smoke may appear, this is normal and part of the blackening process! Enjoy :)

Uses: Use for Blackening your favorite chicken, fish, shrimp, scallops, or meat. Also use as a rub for pork (we LOVE this on pork butt), wings, tuna, French fries, corn-on-the-cob, anything grilled...add to your all of your favorites for lots of flavor and some fiery heat! 

*Don't be shy, you are not limited to just Blackening, use this on EVERYTHING!!!

Gluten free!

All of our salts & spices come from John and his family at Steel City Salt Co. in Pittsburgh. They only offer the highest quality, sourced from the best places. Each salt, spice, rub, and blend is hand-mixed and hand-filled in order to maintain freshness, integrity, and quality. Use them in everything- you won't be disappointed!