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Cinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar

1 4oz glass shaker jar
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Our Cinnamon Sugar is a wonderful addition to every kitchen! Bold and flavorful, organic cane sugar is hand-blended with fresh ground Vietnamese Cinnamon; the most pungent and sought after cinnamon in the world prized by pastry chefs and confectionaries! Take your food and pantry to the next level with this necessary upgrade....your taste buds will approve!

Uses: Use on classics such as toast, pancakes, cookies, brownies, chocolates, pies, and ice cream! You can also use this sugar as a rub base on steak, pork, chicken, candied bacon, and hearty roasted veggies, anything on high heat the sugar will caramelize leaving crunchy goodness with the depth of the cinnamon. Also, try on your favorite cocktails...Horchata anyone?

Gluten free!

All of our salts & spices come from John and his family at Steel City Salt Co. in Pittsburgh. They only offer the highest quality, sourced from the best places. Each salt, spice, rub, and blend is hand-mixed and hand-filled in order to maintain freshness, integrity, and quality. Use them in everything- you won't be disappointed!