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Aponte Honey Whole Bean Coffee (de Fer)

Aponte Honey Whole Bean Coffee (de Fer)

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Creamy, chocolaty and sweet–like most great Colombian coffees, but with the benefit of some intense juiciness and fruit flavor that results from honey processing. Exciting enough for a special occasion, but balanced enough to drink all day.

Nestled away in the mountains of Narino, Aponte Village is comprised primarily of descendants of the indigenous Incas. In the 90's, coffee was introduced to the region, where exceptionally high altitude combined with nutrient-rich ash from the nearby volcano proved to be ideal for high end cultivation. Great Colombian coffee is usually known for its sweetness, juiciness, body and chocolaty finish--this is no exception--but honey processing (where some of the fruit is left in tact while drying) imparts an especially sweet and fruity flavor to this coffee. We absolutely love this coffee due to it's sweetness, it's clarity and versatility.

de Fer is located in Pittsburgh, and we are so excited to be working with this great team!