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Baked Goods

ONLY AVAILABLE WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS! All of our baked goods are made on-farm from scratch- we don't use any pre-made mixes or frozen bake-offs. Our menu changes day to day- be sure you have selected Wednesday or Saturday to see an accurate menu for the day you plan to come.

Cream Puffs (Half Dozen)

1 half dozen cream puffs

Eclairs (Half Dozen)

1 half dozen eclairs

M&M Cookies (Dozen)

1 dozen cookies

Maple Cinnamon Rolls (Dozen)

1 dozen cinnamon rolls

Soft Pretzels (Half Dozen)

1 half dozen soft pretzels

Vanilla Cinnamon Rolls (Dozen)

1 dozen cinnamon rolls

White Buns (Half Dozen)

1 package (1/2 dozen buns)