Cow of the Month: Hero (Part 3 of the Troublemaking Trio)

March 9, 2018

This has been a long-awaited post- I apologize, both to Hero and to all of you who love to read about our featured cows! She should have been November's cow of the month, but instead she will be our cow for the rest of March. 


Hero is a distinctive looking cow because of the large white band around her middle. Between that and her large size, she is easy to pick out of the herd! Hero got her name from her dad.


Here is Hero when she was around one year old:



She is about 3 years old now, and she, Ruby, and Bunny are all still the best of friends.


Here is a picture of the three together when they were just brand new calves:



And here is a picture of them together about two years ago:



Hero is a sweet cow, and she and her two friends are great fun to have in the herd, even if they do like to find trouble!


P.S. I promise to keep up with the cow of the month from now on- expect the next cow at the beginning of April!


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