Cow of the Month: Ruby (Part 2 of the Troublemaking Trio)

October 5, 2017

Meet October's cow of the month: Ruby! She's a two-year-old Hostein cow who is part of the Troublemaking Trio on our farm. (Learn more about the rest of the trio and one of her counterparts, Bunny, here.)


Her name is Ruby because Aaron bred her mother (a normal black and white Holstein) to a red Holstein bull, in the hopes of getting a red Holstein baby. Even though she is black and white, her name is still Ruby because she was the first cow on our farm to carry any red Holstein genes. 

Here is a slideshow of pictures from when Ruby was a young calf to now, at about 2 and a half years old. I've always loved the spiky hair on her poll (the top of her head), and her huge ears!



She is polled, which means that she doesn't grow any horns. We are trying to make this a common characteristic in our herd so that we don't have to de-horn calves. It's much more pleasant for everyone that way! Bunny (last month's featured cow) is also polled, along with a few other cows in the herd (like Fallon's favorite, #149, and her calf Myrtle). 


Ruby is a very sweet cow who loves to have her head scratched and will follow anyone who has food. She definitely never misses a meal!


Stay tuned for next month's blog about Hero, the last member of the Trio- it will include "then and now" pictures of all three together!


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