Cow of the Month: Bunny (Part 1 of the Troublemaking Trio)

September 15, 2017

Meet September's cow of the month: Bunny! She is a two-year-old Holstein cow who likes to have her poll scratched and find trouble with her two best friends, Ruby and Hero. Joni is the one who named her Bunny when she was only a few days old; she was hopping around her pen having good fun.


This was Bunny a few weeks ago:



 When she got tired of being the photo subject, she tried to hide behind Ruby and lean her head on another friend (she stayed like this for a few minutes):



And here was Bunny as a young heifer:





Over the next couple of months, we will be featuring Bunny, Ruby, and Hero, known around here as the Troublemaking Trio. All three cows grew up together and were (and still are) often inseparable. Any time they are together, they act like children (albeit overly large children) and do things like smash through fences and break down gates. Despite all of that, they are very nice cows to be around. Bunny especially has always been a pretty cow and she'll never turn down cuddles.


Stay tuned for features on the other two in October and November, complete with pictures of all three together for the final blog!

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