Wildfires, changes and canning jars

June 29, 2016


Coming from someone who is not at the farm on a daily basis, the rate at which things are happening seems to be moving all too quickly. I am at the farm one day, and two days later it's like everything has changed. The plants are producing, the chickens are bigger, the rabbits have adjusted to farm life, the cows are elated to be in summer pasture, family is growing, people are changing....just endless new life!


This past week on the farm has been a busy one. Last week we were missing two of our finest (Aaron and Fallon) to a little beach time. They've arrived back in PA, safe and sound...and a little darker.


The "baby" chickens have been moved from their tiny abode up to the big girl coop where they will hopefully acquaint themselves with our older laying hens and the "oh so proud" white rooster. Come late August, these little girls will be laying with the best of them.


The tomatoes are growing and blooming like wildfire. That wildfire kept all bodies busy this week as all the plants and animals required lots of watering and care in the oppressive heat. This heat has taken a toll on plants, animals and people alike.


Canning season is under way and Mama's been snatching up the local fruit harvest. Mason jars and freezer bags are being filled to the top with strawberries, blueberries, and peaches in hopes to suffice those mid-winter cravings. It may not be fresh in January, but it is a close second.  Learning to can is a great way to take advantage of what's in season. If you are willing to invest a little start up money and some time, it is well worth it. Come winter when the ground is white and the farmer's markets are shut down, having stocked shelves is a life saver. Literally.


We would also like to wish a very Happy Birthday to our oldest farmer, Grandma Evelyn, she will be turning 83 this week!!






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