Our Dairy Products


All of the milk sold on our farm comes from our own herd of cows. The cows spend the majority of their time on our acres of grass pasture, only coming in to be milked and during the winter season. They are never given steroids, growth hormones, or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. We do all of the bottling and processing of the milk by ourselves on-farm!

Raw milk is not homogenized or pasteurized and is put into bottles straight from of our milk tank. This means our milk has full fat content and a variety of healthy vitamins and nutrients. Our milk, along with our water supply, is stringently and regularly tested for bacteria, drug presence, and cleanliness, and our cows have been thoroughly vetted and given a clean bill of health. There are no antibiotics in our milk and we do not use growth hormones or any other artificial means of increasing milk production. Our cows spend most of their days grazing on green grass pasture.

Our chocolate milk does not contain any stabilizers or emulsifiers like carrageenan or xanthan. Instead, we use a homemade chocolate syrup which is made from the simplest of ingredients! Though the chocolate is pasteurized, it is not homogenized. This means you will still have to shake it, but it's worth it- trust us!

Our milk is available in our store Tuesday through Saturday. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays. The current store hours are as follows:

Tuesday: 4pm to 7pm

Wednesday: 10am to 6pm

Thursday: 4pm to 7pm

Friday: 10am to 6pm

Saturday: 10am to 6pm


We can also make appointments outside of these times so long as they are arranged ahead of time and we have milk available. The farm is closed on Sundays. The milk house is located on our farm at 1606 Georgeville Road, Marion Center, PA 15759. Our current milk prices are:

  • Glass half gallon bottle fee: $3

  • One half gallon of raw milk: $3

  • One half gallon of chocolate milk: $4

  • One half gallon of regular pasteurized milk: $3.50

Our milk comes in glass half gallon bottles. A fee of $3 per bottle is charged for the first purchase, and then not again so long as you return your empty bottle for a full one on your next visit.

We also hope to be offering a variety of dairy products like yogurt and cheese curds in the coming weeks.

Address: 1606 Georgeville Rd.

Marion Center, PA 15759

Email: info@loneoakfarmpa.com

Phone: 724-397-0101

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Farm Store Hours: 
Sunday- Closed

Monday- Closed

Tuesday- Closed

Wednesday- 10am to 6pm (Baking Day)

Thursday- 10am to 6pm

Friday- 10am to 6pm

Saturday- 10am to 6pm (Baking Day)

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