One half gallon of homemade chocolate milk. It contains no hormones, antibiotics, or soy. Our cows are pastured as much as possible and fed hay grown on our farm when the grass is not green.


It is lightly pasteurized (based on the PA state requirements) but not homogenized. We do all of the processing on-farm!


Ingredients: Whole milk, cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla, salt


*You must purchase each half gallon with a bottle deposit if you have never bought our milk before and do not have glass bottles to return when you pick up your order. The deposit is $3/bottle and will only be charged once, provided that you bring your bottle back when you pick up your next order. The deposit will be refunded to you if you bring your empty bottle back and do not want a refill. You can exchange any milk bottle (raw or chocolate) interchangeably.*

Chocolate Milk

Bottle Deposit

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