The Simpson Family Story 

The Simpson family has been farming on Lone Oak Farm for four generations. Each generation learned the ways of the farm and maintained its production of milk and crops, while continuously working to ensure the highest quality products and best, most sustainable use of the land.

What We Believe 

  • You should know where your food comes from.
    We believe that honesty and transparency are of the utmost importance in every situation- and that shouldn't be any different when it comes to the food you eat. Our goal is to provide healthy, sustainable food that is responsibly produced and we strive to use only natural methods for weed, disease, and pest control. None of our animals eat food containing growth hormones or other mysterious chemicals. We will always be honest about how we grow, harvest, and prepare your food.

  • Food should be produced in the most sustainable way possible.
    We hope to be able to continue farming and producing delicious food for ourselves and our community for many years to come. Because of this, we are always looking for the most sustainable ways to grow our vegetables and care for our animals. Our environment and land play incredibly important roles in sustaining us.

  • Family is indispensable and should be valued.
    This one may seem obvious coming from a family farm, but it really is true! We all love each other and working together, and we certainly couldn't accomplish nearly as much by ourselves. We keep each other going even when the temperature is in the negatives and the wind is blowing.


Address: 1606 Georgeville Rd.

Marion Center, PA 15759


Phone: 724-397-0101

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Farm Store Hours: 
Sunday- Closed

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Wednesday- 10am to 6pm (Baking Day)

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