Meet the Farmers

The Simpson family, from left: Fallon, Courtney, Ryan, Dan, Linda, Aaron, Cody, and Joni


Dan is a third generation dairy farmer, the head honcho, and the one who's kept it going over the past several decades. He was born and raised here at Lone Oak Farm and rules the roost. His favorite pasttime is checking on his watermelons and making sure everything is running smoothly.


Linda, A.K.A. Mum, has been a part of the Lone Oak legacy for thirty years, from being a canning connoisseur to an expert bookkeeper to a provider of delicious meals to resident handywoman. Her hobbies include carpentry, hoarding tools, and bursting into song.


Joni, the oldest of the fourth generation at Lone Oak, was the driving force in the beginning of the vegetable production here on the farm. The greenhouse is her latest project. Her biggest focus is on eating well and producing sustainable, responsibly grown food. 


Ryan, the cousin turned brother, is our resident welder, fabricator, handyman. If Ryan can't fix it, it's truly broken. His encouraging attitude and helping hand are invaluable. In his rare spare time, Ryan enjoys traveling, kayaking, and taking on too many projects at once.


Courtney, the second member of the fourth generation, followed in her great-grandmother's footsteps and brought chickens back to the farm. Her extensive plant knowledge and willingness to help wherever needed makes her a great asset. She also raises a second set of pastured hens off-farm to contribute to our egg offerings!


Cody, the third member of the fourth generation, grew up learning the ropes of the dairy farm. He keeps everything running alongside Dan and is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the farm. His greatest concern is the welfare of the animals, and he can usually be found scratching a cow's poll or playing with one of the many resident farm dogs.


Aaron is the youngest member of the fourth generation and has recently completed his degree at IUP in Ecology, Conservation, and Environmental Biology. He works alongside Dan and Cody, ensuring the smooth day-to-day operation of the farm. He and his wife Fallon introduced the raw milk business to the farm, and they have since headed up the expansion into the on-farm store and kitchen. He is the resident bread baking expert, and can often be found in the kitchen trying new recipes, in the barn milking cows, or greeting customers in the farm store.


Fallon, the newest addition to Lone Oak, has been married to Aaron since June of 2015. Since completing her degrees at IUP in Marketing and Sociology, she has become the resident marketer, photographer, and IT specialist of the farm. She has enjoyed becoming involved in all of the farm activities. She can often be found canning new products, bottling milk, or delivering orders to customers. If you happen to see any horses wandering around the property, that would be thanks to Fallon!

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